Appendix V, Retired Information Letters


Revision 13-1; Effective September 13, 2013


The Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) deployed the Consumer Managed Personal Attendant Services (CMPAS) Provider Manual on
Sept. 3, 2013. This manual contains all contract guidelines that were
formerly found in Information Letters (ILs), as well as relevant Texas
Administrative Code references.

This manual supersedes any previous ILs or similar guidance published
by DADS. The ILs retired as a result are listed below. DADS recommends
that providers remove the ILs from their records to ensure they
reference the most current information.


Number Title Date
IL 2011-123 ndividuals Receiving Services through
the Client Managed Personal Assistance Services Program who Receive
Medicaid Services and Live in New Managed Care Service Areas Effective
March 1, 2012

IL 2011-95

Guidelines for Income Amounts Dedicated to Disability-Related Equipment –

This is now found in 40 Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 44, §44.501(j)(7); adopted Oct. 1, 2013.


IL 2008-179

Effective Dec. 1, 2008 ─ Change in the
Texas Administrative Code (TAC), Title 40, Chapter 44, CMPAS, Relating
to the Co-payment Chart


IL 2008-155

Rates and Billing Procedure for Consumer Directed Services (CDS) in CMPAS


IL 2004-12

Repeal of Chapter 48, Subchapter E,
Client Managed Attendant Services, and Adoption of Chapter 44, Client
Managed Personal Attendant Services, Effective March 16, 2004


IL 2000-06

Individual Client Cost Ceiling


IL 1999-05

Client Managed Attendant Services Cost Ceiling


If there are questions about the new CMPAS provider manual or any of the ILs that were retired, send an email to