Policy Updates

The purpose of this section is to make the most current policy and procedures readily available via a single resource. Memoranda containing policy or procedural information will be placed on this list at the time of distribution. They will remain on the list until the information contained is completely incorporated into the handbook.

Issuance DateEffective DateTitle
4-18-244-18-24Medically Fragile Process Memo (PDF)
Medically Fragile Criteria Form (PDF)
Medically Fragile Criteria Form Instructions (PDF)
9-18-2312-18-23Policy and Process Updates for STAR+PLUS Member Service Area Transfers
7-13-227-13-22STAR+PLUS Handbook Language Addition: Appendix XXII, MCO Transition Specialist Pilot Project (PDF)
6-1-2212-1-22STAR+PLUS Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS) Billing Matrix (Word) 
Attachment: Appendix XVI (Excel)
4-11-223-18-22STAR+PLUS Long Term Services and Supports Billing Matrix Update (Word) 
Attachment: Appendix XVI (Excel)
6-24-166-24-16HHSC 16-06-003, Medicaid Type Program Identification for STAR+PLUS Home and Community Based Services and Community First Choice (Word) 
Attachment: TP Code ME Waiver and CFC (PDF)
6-20-167-1-16HHSC 16-06-002, Policy and Procedures for Reassessment of Community First Choice Service (PDF)
2-29-165-2-16HHSC 16-02-001, Community First Choice Fair Hearing Processes (PDF)
1-12-161-20-16HHSC 16-01-001, Form H2060, Needs Assessment Questionnaire, Completion Requirements for STAR+PLUS HCBS Members Receiving Community First Choice Services (PDF)
1-6-161-25-16HHSC 15-12-005, Notification of Home and Community Based Services STAR+PLUS Waiver End Date (PDF)
1-6-161-25-16HHSC 15-12-003, Personal Assistance Services, Emergency Response Services and Protective Supervision for HCBS STAR+PLUS Waiver Members (PDF)
12-4-1512-4-15HHSC 15-12-002, Nurse Assessment, Training, and Supervision of Delegated Tasks for Community First Choice and Personal Care Services in Managed Care (PDF)
11-19-1510-22-15HHSC 15-11-001, Authorizations for Community First Choice Personal Assistance Services or Habilitation (PDF)
8-26-158-25-15HHSC: 15-08-001, Processing Medical Necessity/Level of Care Assessments for Community First Choice (CFC) Services or Upgrading CFC Recipients to HCBS STAR+PLUS Waiver (PDF)
7-27-157-27-15HHSC: 15-07-004, Secure File Transfer Protocol Naming Convention for Community First Choice Assessments (PDF)
7-23-157-23-15HHSC: 15-07-002, Support Management in Community First Choice (PDF) 
Attachment: Community First Choice Support Management Handout (English PDF) 
Attachment: Community First Choice Support Management Handout (Spanish PDF)
7-09-156-1-15HHSC: 15-07-001, Psychological Testing for Community First Choice Eligibility in STAR+PLUS (PDF)
5-07-156-1-15HHSC: 15-05-001, STAR+PLUS Policy and Procedures for Community First Choice Services (PDF) 
Attachment: STAR+PLUS Community First Choice Process Flows (PDF) 
Attachment: Responsible Entities in the CFC Assessment Process (PDF)