5.13.1 Overview

Under the Social Security Administration's Ticket to Work Partnership Plus Program, DARS and Employment Networks (ENs), as defined by the Social Security Administration (SSA), partner to provide a seamless system of service delivery that supports a consumer who receives either Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments in his or her efforts toward achieving and maintaining self-supporting employment. DARS provides vocational rehabilitation services, including Job Placement or Supported Employment, if appropriate, and, after VR case closure, an EN provides ongoing job supports and services to ensure that the consumer maintains and has opportunities to advance in employment.

In order for an EN to partner with DARS under the Ticket to Work Partnership Plus option, the consumer's Ticket cannot be assigned to an EN while VR services are being provided.

DARS offers incentive payments called EN Employment Advancement Payments to DARS community rehabilitation program (CRP) providers under the following circumstances:

  • the CRP is an approved EN with the SSA;
  • DARS purchased job placement (JP) or supported employment (SE) services from the CRP-EN for the consumer, and those services resulted in a successful case closure;
  • following VR case closure, the consumer assigns his or her Ticket to the CRP-EN; or
  • for SE only, the CRP must be identified on the DARS1616, Job Stability or Service Closure Justification Summary as one of the primary providers who will help the consumer achieve an identified long-term support need.

Note: DARS EN Employment Advancement Payments are not available to the CRP-EN when the consumer decides to assign the Ticket to an EN other than the CRP-EN. In keeping with informed choice, DARS will provide the consumer with a list of all available ENs at VR case closure.

If a CRP-EN is the holder of the consumer's Ticket assignment, the Ticket must be unassigned from CRP-EN and placed in use with DARS before the CRP-EN can partner with DARS and be eligible for EN Employment Advancement payments.