5.12.7 Benchmark 2: Job Placement and SESP Part 2

Service Description

Job Placement

Job placement is complete when the consumer has begun work (completed at least one workday) in a job consistent with job matches identified in the SESP Part 1.

The job does not have to be an exact match from the employer list or job task list. However, the job match must meet identified non-negotiable conditions to be considered an acceptable job.

Activities related to obtaining a job placement may include

  • writing résumés and proposals to assist in placement;
  • contacting employers from target lists and developing consumer jobs;
  • performing job analysis;
  • reviewing job match information;
  • assisting the consumer with job applications, pre-employment forms, practice interviews, and pre-employment testing or physicals;
  • accompanying consumer to interviews and company visits;
  • assisting the employer with Work Opportunity Tax Credit;
  • developing the consumer's transportation plan;
  • training the consumer on how to travel to and from the job; and
  • evaluating the job placement to collect information needed to complete the SESP Part 2.


SESP Part 2

The SESP Part 2 (DARS1614, Supported Employment Support Plan—Part 2) is a written report that acts as a "blueprint" of the placement and short- and long-term training and/or supports needs of the consumer. It includes the following job details:

  • employer's name,
  • employer's address,
  • employer's phone number,
  • date consumer began paid employment,
  • job title or position,
  • number of hours worked per week,
  • hourly wage,
  • supervisor name,
  • supervisor phone number,
  • essential work duties of the job and needed accommodations,
  • episodic work duties of the job and needed accommodations,
  • physical and environmental demands and needed accommodations,
  • analysis of work culture and any training or support issues,
  • description of initial and ongoing training provided by the employer and needed accommodations, and
  • consumer's support plan.


Required Documentation

The SESP Part 2 (DARS1614, Supported Employment Services Plan—Part 2) is required. Details in the report should describe the consumer so that someone reading the report has a "clear picture" of the job duties the consumer will be performing, the work culture, and any short- or long-term employment. The form must include the signatures of the consumer (or legally authorized representative) and the direct SE services provider.

See Quality Criteria for SESP Part 2.



Benchmark 2 is complete when the following has been completed by the provider and approved by the DARS counselor:

  • SESP Part 2 (DARS1614, Supported Employment Services Plan—Part 2), documenting that the consumer has begun working and completed five cumulative calendar days of employment in a job that
    • is in an integrated work setting,
    • is compensated at or above the minimum wage but not less than the customary or usual wage paid by the employer for the same or similar work performed by people who do not have disabilities,
    • meets all non-negotiable employment conditions,
    • meets 50 percent or more negotiable employment conditions, and
    • meets at least one targeted job task established in the consumer's SESP Part 1.



Payment for Benchmark 2 (see Chapter 3: Rates, 3.2 Service Rates) is made when the DARS counselor receives and approves the

  • DARS1614, Supported Employment Support Plan—Part 2; and
  • an invoice.