5.9.5 Documentation of Diabetes Self-Management Education Services

Documentation of Initial Assessments

The service provider's initial assessment and other findings for each consumer are documented using:

  • DARS2888, Diabetes Self-Management Education Assessment; and
  • DARS2901, Diabetes Pre- and Post-assessment.


Documentation of Skills Training and Equipment

Service providers must document each two-hour skills training session provided to each consumer using DARS2884, Diabetes Self-Management Educator Notes.

If the diabetes self-management education services for a consumer include providing the consumer with a talking blood glucose meter or other diabetes equipment, the service provider's responsibilities include:

  • coordinating receipt of the equipment with the local field office that purchased the service;
  • submitting DARS2889, Diabetes Self-Management Education Services - Adaptive Diabetes Equipment Receipt;
  • delivering the equipment or supplies to the consumer;
  • obtaining the consumer's signature on DARS2889 to acknowledge receipt of equipment or supplies;
  • filling out the manufacturer's warranty card by mail or online; and
  • documenting on DARS2889 that the warrantee card has been submitted.

Note: When submitting paperwork electronically, the service provider may enter the phrase "signature on file" to represent the consumer's signature. The service providers must keep the original signature on file and be able to provide it on request.


Documentation of Post Training (Follow-Up) Assessment

The one-hour post-training (follow-up) assessment must be documented using:

  • DARS2900, Diabetes Self-Management Education Posttraining Assessment; and
  • DARS2901, Diabetes Pre- and Post-Assessment.



When speaking by phone or in person to a vocational rehabilitation counselor (VRC), independent living worker (ILW), or rehabilitation assistant (RA) about differences in service delivery, including changes in a service authorization or no-show request, the provider's call or in-person discussion is documented in an email between all parties.

Exceptions, such as being unable to complete skills training or provide a blood glucose meter other than the currently approved talking glucose meter, require written approval from the diabetes program specialist (DPS).