5.9.3 Service Provider Authorization and Reimbursement

Diabetes self-management education services must not begin until a service authorization (SA) has been issued by DARS. It is the service provider's responsibility to check the accuracy of the SA before scheduling a visit with the consumer.

If the service provider is unable to schedule the visit within three calendar weeks, the service provider notifies the consumer's vocational rehabilitation counselor (VRC) or independent living worker (ILW).

Service providers must have written authorization before the service provider or the provider's employees provide diabetes self-management education services to consumers. DARS does not pay for diabetes self-management education services, if the services are provided before written authorization is received.

For additional information, see Chapter 1: Basic Standards, 1.6.4 Additional Requirements/Documenting Staff Changes and Chapter 4: Service Delivery Guidelines, 4.2 Staff Information Sheets.