5.6.3 Service Delivery

Scope of Services

Work adjustment services are designed to assist consumers in the following areas.

  1. Address the consumer's work behaviors.
  2. Motivate the consumer to:
    • perform productive work,
    • be self-reliant,
    • accept supervision, and
    • interact appropriately with co-workers.
  3. Help the consumer develop:
    • work tolerance,
    • good work practices (including safety and speed), and
    • job-readiness skills based on community standards.

Work adjustment services may also include training in other job-related skills such as:

  • social skills,
  • daily living skills,
  • effective communication,
  • grooming and hygiene,
  • problem solving, and
  • goal setting.


Documenting Work Adjustment Training

DARS2955, Consumer Services Report: Work Adjustment Progress Report for individual consumers must be signed by the work adjustment trainer who conducted the training and submitted to the consumer's counselor or case manager upon completion of training.