3.4 Invoices

3.4.1 Requirement to Submit an Invoice

Contract service providers must submit an invoice via email, fax, or mail before payment can be processed.

Contract service providers are reminded that all supporting documentation must be received before the invoice can be processed for payment.

3.4.2 Required Information

Provider invoices must contain the following required information:

  • the provider's complete name and address (include payment address, if different);
  • the provider's contact name and telephone number;
  • the provider's 14-digit taxpayer Texas identification number (TIN);
  • DARS DBS office name and delivery address;
  • the DBS service authorization and/or purchase order number and/or contract number;
  • an itemized list of services being billed including quantity and cost of units billed (for example, 3 hours @ $50 each, or 1 evaluation @ $50, etc.);
  • dates of service;
  • consumer identification information (first name, first initial of last name); and
  • the total amount being billed.

The following information is optional:

  • the name of the DBS counselor or case manager, and
  • the provider's invoice number.

3.4.3 If the Invoice Is Inaccurate

If an invoice is improperly submitted or contains an error, DBS will notify the provider as soon as the error is realized, but no later than 21 calendar days following receipt of the original invoice.

Payment cannot be processed until the contract service provider supplies an accurate invoice and all required supporting documentation.