15.1 Overview

The provider must develop and establish policies and procedures with respect to participant discharge and termination. Discharge planning should start at admission and continue throughout services.

15.2 Discharge Summary

The provider must develop a discharge summary for each participant and provide a copy to the CRS program staff member within 10 business days after services are completed or terminated.

The discharge summary must include:

  • the strengths, abilities, needs and preferences of the participant; 
  • the goals established in the Individualized Program Plan; 
  • the services provided, and the relationship to the status of each goal; 
  • the reason for discharge; and 
  • referrals and recommendations, and any necessary physician's orders, to help the participant maintain or
  • improve functioning and increase independence.

15.3 Termination from Program

The provider must document interventions attempted to prevent termination from a program. The provider must inform the CRS counselor, or their designee, directly that a participant's services are being terminated as soon as the provider is aware that the participant’s services will be terminated. The provider must document that the provider informed the counselor about the termination of services to a participant.

The provider must follow the state and federal requirements applicable to the license or certification relating to discharge procedures. The provider must ensure that the participant is safe and must determine a discharge site and facilitate placement.

Some reasons for termination are:

  • behaviors dangerous to one’s self or others; 
  • no progress made toward rehabilitation goals; or 
  • refusal to participate in services.