7100, Required Training for a Habilitation Coordinator  

Revision 22-1; Effective Nov. 28, 2022

7110 Training Completed Prior to Habilitation Coordination

Revision 22-1; Effective Nov. 28, 2022

LIDDAs must develop trainings at a local level to ensure, before providing habilitation coordination, a habilitation coordinator receives trainings that address:

  • appropriate LIDDA policies, procedures, and standards; 
  • HHSC rules relating to PASRR, the provision of specialized services, and other HHSC rules affecting the LIDDA, including: 
    • 26 TAC Chapter 303, related to PASRR; and
    • 26 TAC Chapter 554, Subchapter BB, Nursing Facility (NF) Responsibilities Related to PASRR. 
  • HHSC's IDD PASRR Handbook;
  • developing and implementing a Habilitation Service Plan (HSP); 
  • conducting assessments, service planning, coordination, and monitoring; 
  • providing crisis prevention and management;
  • community support services;
  • presenting community living options using HHSC-developed materials and forms, and offering educational opportunities and informational activities about community living options; 
  • arranging visits to community providers; 
  • accessing specialized services for a person; 
  • the rights of a person with an intellectual disability (ID), including the right to live in the least restrictive setting appropriate to the person's individual needs and abilities and in a variety of living situations, as described in the Persons with an Intellectual Disability Act, Texas Health and Safety Code Chapter 592 and in an HHSC-developed rights handbook; and
  • advocacy for individuals with ID or developmental disability (DD).

In addition to the trainings above, LIDDAs must also ensure the following trainings are completed before habilitation coordinators provide services: 

  • HHSC computer-based training, An Overview of the PASRR Process ; and
  • additional trainings designated by HHSC. Please refer to Section 7200, HHSC-developed Training. 

7120 Training Completed Within the First 60 days of Habilitation Coordination

Revision 22-1; Effective Nov. 28, 2022

LIDDAs must ensure a habilitation coordinator completes the following training within the first 60 days of performing habilitation coordination duties: 

  • All HHSC-developed training related to habilitation coordination.
  • Person-centered thinking training.

Note: A supervisor, team lead, or quality monitoring staff person who has successfully completed the trainings in this section must review and sign off on work completed by a habilitation coordinator until the habilitation coordinator completes the trainings required in this section. Habilitation coordinators must complete all trainings in Section 7110, Training Completed Prior to Habilitation Coordination, before providing habilitation coordination.