22-4, Miscellaneous Revisions

Revision 22-4; Effective Sept. 16, 2022

The following change(s) were made:

Revised Title Change
1100 Contact Information Updates Helpline contact information.
3100 Administrative Policies Includes information for contractors about maintaining clinic information on 2-1-1.
3330 Termination of Services Revise when and how services can be terminated and the client's right to appeal.
3340 Resolution of Complaints Updates contact information for client appeal and the process to follow.
4000 Eligibility and Fees Updates policy for eligibility determination.
4100 Eligibility and Assessment of Co-Pay/Fees Clarifies when an applicant can appeal and eligibility decision.
4200 Client Eligibility Screening Process Updates the eligibility determination process.
4300 Procedures and Terminology When Determining PHC Eligibility Updates the eligibility procedures and terminology.
5000 Clinical Guidelines Updates the clinical guidelines to reword.
5100 General Consent Updates the general consent.
5200 Clinical Policy Updates the clinical policy.
6000 Reimbursement, Data Collection and Reporting Updates the reimbursement, data collection, and reporting.
6100 Reimbursement Updates the reimbursement.