4200, Receiving

Revision 17-1; Effective May 5, 2017

Follow established regional/local/benefit office procedures for accepting the orders of Lone Star cards and securing the orders if designated EBT staff are not available to perform the count.

After receipt, handle the packages of vault Lone Star cards as follows:

  • Designated EBT staff must open the packages of Lone Star cards and physically count the cards.

Note: Two people must be involved in this process unless specifically approved by the EBT regional coordinator in writing. The second party does not have to be assigned an EBT position or listed in the local/benefit office security procedures.

  • Repackage the Lone Star cards, seal with heavy tape, and mark the outside with the beginning and ending cards/numbers.
  • Sign and send a copy of the Request for Lone Star Materials order form/packing slip to the EBT regional coordinator or designee within five workdays. The second party assisting with the count must also sign the packing slip.


Staff may:

  • log the personal account numbers (PAN) for the Lone Star cards using Form H1173, EBT Card Issuance and PIN Self-Selection/Issuance Log;
  • repackage in increments of 25 in separate envelopes; and
  • seal the envelopes with heavy tape.

Examine all boxes of inactive Lone Star cards for any signs of tampering.

If an inactive Lone Star card listed on the order form (request for Lone Star Materials) is not in the shipment received or any other discrepancy exists, the EBT site coordinator or backup person:

  • documents the discrepancy;
  • completes Form H1111, Card Order Discrepancy Verification; and
  • provides a copy by fax to the EBT regional coordinator.

The EBT regional coordinator: