5800, Healthful Lifestyle Intervention

Revision 23-4; Effective Nov. 17, 2023

All clients should receive a risk assessment at least annually to determine areas where lifestyle modifications might reduce the risk of future disease and improve health outcomes and quality of life.

Counseling on healthful lifestyle choices should cover the following areas: smoking and tobacco use, healthy eating patterns, and physical activity and fitness. Counseling should be catered towards the client’s current health needs and family planning goals and include relevant information and guidance accessible to the client.

Smoking and Tobacco Use

As necessary, based on the needs of the individual, clients should be advised on the impact of smoking and the use of tobacco products, and to avoid exposure to second-hand smoke. 

Healthy Eating Patterns 

Individuals should be counseled on healthy eating patterns and offered access to information and guidance that is relevant to their needs. This may include limiting salt intake or advising a specific diet plan, if needed. 

Physical Activity and Fitness

Individuals should be advised to engage in moderate-intensity aerobic activity, vigorous aerobic activity, or a combination of both each week. Moderate-intensity activities include walking, social dancing or gardening, while vigorous-intensity activities include running, jumping rope or swimming laps. Physical activity should always be tailored to their individual health condition, risks and abilities.