3500, Nondiscrimination and Limited English Proficiency

Revision 23-4; Effective Nov. 17, 2023

As outlined in the HHSC Uniform Terms and Conditions – Grant Version 2.16.1, HHSC grantees must comply with state and federal anti-discrimination laws, including but not limited to:

Additionally, grantees must comply with Article IX, Section 9.21 (a-f) Civil Rights, the HHSC Special Conditions Version 1.1, Article V, Section 5.06 Services, and Information for Persons with Limited English Proficiency. These are part of a grant with the state. 

It is highly recommended that grantees comply with Texas Government Code, Section 2054.457, Access to Electronic and Information Resources.

Find more information about nondiscrimination laws and regulations on the HHSC Civil Rights website and the HHSC Civil Right Office, Requirements for Contractors website.

Grant Terms and Conditions

To ensure compliance with nondiscrimination laws, regulations and policies,
grantees must:

  • sign a written assurance to comply with applicable federal and state nondiscrimination laws and regulations;
  • have a written policy   that states the agency does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, including limited English proficiency (LEP), sex, age, religion or disability;
  • have a policy that addresses individual rights and responsibilities applicable to all persons requesting family planning services;
  • have procedures for notifying the HHSC Civil Rights Office of any program or service-related discrimination allegation or complaint no more than 10 calendar days after the allegation or complaint;
  • ensure all grantee staff is trained in the discrimination policies, including policies for serving people with LEP and people with disabilities, and HHSC complaint procedures;
  • notify all applicants who are applying for family planning services of the grantee’s nondiscrimination policies and complaint procedures; and
  • prominently display civil rights posters in common areas, including lobbies and waiting rooms, front reception desk and locations where people apply for services (posters can be found on the Civil Rights Office website).

More information about nondiscrimination laws and regulations can be found on the HHSC Civil Rights Office page