8700, Responding to Requests from Disability Rights Texas

August 2020

Disability Rights Texas is the federally funded and authorized protection and advocacy system for Texans with disabilities.

The federal Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act allows HHSC to release confidential records to Disability Rights Texas when it is representing an individual or investigating crimes related to a complaint about the treatment of an HHSC client. The Act grants Disability Rights Texas staff special access to CCR records to carry out their duties. Employees of Disability Rights Texas are not required to formally request information related to a Disability Rights Texas client.

42 USC ยงยง15041-15045


CCR staff must take the following steps:

  • Respond promptly when Disability Rights Texas requests information related to a Disability Rights Texas client. Expedite the response, regardless of whether Disability Rights Texas requests an expedited response.
    When it is not clear whether a request for information is client-related, contact the program specialist responsible for releasing information. (Disability Rights Texas staff do not have the same rights to CCR records when they request information on behalf of a friend or family member, rather than as part of their work with Disability Rights Texas)
  • Send all Disability Rights Texas requests to the HHSC Open Records mailbox.