F-5100, Reminders

Revision 09-4; Effective December 1, 2009

See Section F-1000, General Principles of Resources, for consideration of ownership, accessibility and other treatment aspects of resources.

See Section F-1410, Deeming for Spouses, and Section F-1420, Deeming for Children, for exclusion of pensions when deeming resources from a spouse or parent.

See Section F-2000, Resource Exclusions – Limited and Related to Exempt Income.

See Section F-2100, Resources Exclusions – Limited, for treatment of certain resources that have a time limit on the exclusion or a dollar limit to the exclusion.

See Section F-2200, Resources Exclusions Related to Exempt Income, for treatment of certain resources that are associated with exempt income in Section Section E-2000, Exempt Income.

In Section F-4000, Liquid and Nonliquid Resources, the significance of distinction between liquid and nonliquid is necessary for the use of the exclusion for property essential to self-support. Liquid resources do not qualify for exclusion as property essential to self-support unless they represent necessary assets of a trade or business.