21-6, Updates to Section 4000 and Addition of 11000


Revision 21-6; Effective October 2021

The following changes(s) were made:

Revised Title Change
4128 Other Types of Inspections Clarifies language for other types of inspections and adds a bullet for conducting Heightened Monitoring inspections.
4153.12 Determining the Number of Serious Incident Reports to Read at a Monitoring Inspection (Residential Child Care Only) Adds language that the inspector follows procedures as outlined in 11454 when conducting a Heightened Monitoring inspection.
4311.1 Documenting Follow-Up Inspections Adds clarifying language that this policy is for follow-up inspections other than Heightened Monitoring follow-up inspections and instructs staff conducting Heightened Monitoring follow-up inspections to follow procedures as outlined in 4311.11. Also removes the word “Licensing” and adds “CCR” staff.
4311.11 Documenting Heightened Monitoring Follow-Up Inspections (HM staff only) Adds a section for documenting Heightened Monitoring follow-up inspections.
11000 Heightened Monitoring Adds a new section for Heightened Monitoring policies and procedures.