A-1380, Documentation Requirements

Revision 22-3; Effective July 1, 2022

All Programs

Exempt Income — Document the:

  • reason the income is exempt; and
  • name and address or phone number of the income source.

Terminated Income — Document any:

  • income that terminated in the application month; and
  • vacation pay received before or after termination, including the dates received.

Income — Document the:

  • date of each income statement or pay stub used;
  • date income was received;
  • date income is anticipated using factors such as mail time, direct deposit or electronic transfers, weekends and holidays;
  • name and address or phone number of the income source;
  • gross amount of income;
  • frequency of receipt, such as weekly, every two weeks, semimonthly or monthly; and
  • calculations used.


  • If other means are used to verify earned income, the documentation should include information comparable to that listed above. The payback amount and gross amount used in the budget for advances should be documented according to policy.
  • If using Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) quarterly wage records, complete the appropriate screens in TIERS.

Fluctuating Income — Document:

  • the reason for income fluctuations; and
  • why a pay period was included or excluded in the projection. If a pay period is not representative of future earnings, document the reason it is not representative.

Income Computations — Document verification and computation of household income:

  • at the initial application;
  • when a change is reported; and
  • at each subsequent application or redetermination.

    Note: All sources, amounts, dates, and computations must be recorded.

Other Income — Document the method used to verify income other than earned and TANF income, including the:

  • type of income;
  • check or another document viewed;
  • date on the check or other document;
  • amount recorded on the check or other document;
  • date the income was verified; and
  • computation performed to determine the total income.

Self-Employment — Document:

  • the method for averaging income;
  • deductions for the costs of doing business;
  • the number of hours engaged in the enterprise; and
  • other factors used to determine the amount of income.

    • Document the reason if Form H1049, Client's Statement of Self-Employment Income, is the only source of verification.
    • When income is entered as self-employment income in TIERS, a statement informing the self-employed person to keep self-employment records and receipts for verification purposes for future recertifications will appear on Form TF0001, Notice of Case Action.

Alien Sponsor's Income — Document that an indigent alien, exempt from deeming requirements, was informed that the state office is required to report the indigent alien’s sponsor to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). If the alien does not want the report sent to the USCIS, document that the alien chose to have the sponsor's income deemed.


Terminated Income — Document any income that terminated in the two months before the application month, including:

  • source of income;
  • gross amount of final check and date received;
  • reason for termination; and
  • date of termination.

TANF and TP 08

Document the household's plan to pursue legally entitled income and the time allowed to pursue the income.

Document when a person no longer claims to have a disability or to be caring for a child with a disability when they reapply after a denial for failure to follow the agreed plan to apply for SSI or RSDI.


Document the six-month period in which to exclude the earnings of a new spouse of a TANF recipient.

Document the person’s decision not to apply for SSI, when they are not required to pursue SSI because:

  • they are physically or mentally unable to complete the application process; and
  • SSA fails or is unable to provide assistance needed to complete the SSI application process.

Document a person’s decision to no longer claim a Choices exemption for disability or caring for a child with a disability when the person has failed, without good cause, to apply for SSI or RSDI.

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