A-180, Verification Requirements

Revision 15-4; Effective October 1, 2015

All Programs

When an eligibility determination has been requested for multiple programs and the programs allow the same verification sources, the advisor must use the same verifications for all applicable programs. For example, if an individual is applying for SNAP, TANF, and Medical Programs, and the advisor accepts a wage verification for SNAP, the advisor must not request additional verification of the wage for TANF or Medical Programs if the source used was an acceptable form of verification for TANF or Medical Programs.

Advisors make the eligibility decision in each program when all verifications are received for that program.

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Staff must verify that the caretaker is not using TANF benefits for the child's needs when the grandparent requests to be designated AR. If the caretaker requests the grandparent's removal as AR, staff must verify that the caretaker intends to use TANF benefits for the child's needs.



Staff must verify the nonprofit status of homeless shelters, if questionable. See IRS documentation that proves the nonprofit status under Section 501(c)(3) of IRS regulations.