23-2, Miscellaneous Revisions

Revision 23-2; Effective Sept. 15, 2023

HandbookPrimary Health Care Services Program Policy ManualUpdates handbook title to Primary Health Care Program Policy Manual.
1100Contact InformationRemoves physical address for courier service and helpline information.
1200Purpose of ManualUpdates language.
2100Program Authorization and ServicesUpdates language. 
2200Definitions Updates definitions throughout.
3100      Administrative PoliciesUpdates language. Revises civil rights requirements. Adds requirement to maintain appropriate exterior signage.
3110Client AccessUpdates language.
3120Important Information for Former Military Service MembersUpdates language.
3200Abuse and Neglect ReportingUpdates language. Revises abuse, neglect and exploitation requirements.   
3210Child Abuse Reporting, Compliance and Monitoring Updates title to Child Abuse or Neglect and updates language.
3220Human TraffickingUpdates language.
3230Domestic and Intimate Partner ViolenceUpdates language.
3300ConfidentialityUpdates language. 
3310Minors and ConfidentialityUpdated link to resource.
3320Nondiscrimination and Limited English Proficiency (LEP)Updates language. Adds requirement to display civil rights posters.
3330Termination of ServicesUpdates language.
3340Resolution of ComplaintsUpdates language.
3350Research (Human Subject Clearance)Updates language.
3400Client Records ManagementUpdates language.
3500Personnel Policy and ProceduresUpdates language. Revises immunization guidance.
3600Facilities and EquipmentUpdates language. Revises facility requirements. 
3610Hazardous MaterialsUpdates language. 
3620Fire SafetyUpdates language.
3630Medical EquipmentUpdates language.
3640Radiology Equipment and StandardsNo changes
3645Laboratory StandardsCreates section on laboratory requirements.
3650Smoking BanUpdates language.
3660Disaster Response PlanDeletes this section and moves information to 3720.
3700Emergency ResponsivenessUpdates language.
3710Clinical EmergenciesUpdates language. Adds Dental Emergency Responsiveness. 
3720Emergency PreparednessUpdates language. Adds Disaster Response Plan.
3800Quality ManagementUpdates language. Revises Quality Management requirements.
4100Eligibility and Assessment of Copay and FeesUpdates language. Adds a process to apply for approval to use an Alternate Eligibility Tool. Added reference to Appendix II.
4200Client Eligibility Screening ProcessUpdates language. 
4300 Procedures and Terminology When Determining PHC EligibilityUpdates language. Revises potential eligibility and referral requirements. Adds requirement to document special circumstances.
5000Clinical GuidelinesUpdates language. Describes required and additional services that may be provided. 
5100General ConsentUpdates language. 
5110Consent for Dental ProceduresUpdates language.
5120Consent for Sterilization ProceduresUpdates text.
5130Texas Medical Disclosure Panel ConsentUpdates language.
5140Consent for Services Provided to MinorsUpdates language. Adds resources.
5150Consent for HIV TestsUpdates title to Consent for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Tests. Updates language.
5200Clinical PolicyUpdates language. Defines telehealth services. Includes quit line information. Revises colorectal cancer screening age. Updates links to resources. Revises requirements for appropriate follow-up and continuity of care. Removes duplicate requirement for maintaining 2-1-1 information.
5300Prescriptive Authority Agreements, Clinical Protocols, Standing Delegation Orders and Client EducationUpdates language. 
5310Prescriptive Authority Agreements Updates title to Prescriptive Authority Agreements (PAAs). Updates language. Revises PAA requirements.
5320ProtocolsUpdates language.
5330Standing Delegation OrdersUpdates language. Revises SDO requirements. 
5340Client EducationUpdates language. Removes resources.
6000Reimbursement, Data Collection and ReportingUpdates language.
6100Reimbursement, Data Collection and ReportsUpdates language. Removes information from this section and adds to section 4000. 
FormsFormsUpdates form titles.

23-1, Appendix II Revised

Revision 23-1; Effective Mar. 31, 2023

Appendix IIOptional Co-Pay Table Based on Monthly Federal Poverty Level (FPL)Updates the co-pay table based on the 2023 monthly Federal Poverty Level (FPL).

22-4, Miscellaneous Revisions

Revision 22-4; Effective Sept. 16, 2022

The following change(s) were made:

Revised Title Change
1100 Contact Information Updates Helpline contact information.
3100 Administrative Policies Includes information for contractors about maintaining clinic information on 2-1-1.
3330 Termination of Services Revise when and how services can be terminated and the client's right to appeal.
3340 Resolution of Complaints Updates contact information for client appeal and the process to follow.
4000 Eligibility and Fees Updates policy for eligibility determination.
4100 Eligibility and Assessment of Co-Pay/Fees Clarifies when an applicant can appeal and eligibility decision.
4200 Client Eligibility Screening Process Updates the eligibility determination process.
4300 Procedures and Terminology When Determining PHC Eligibility Updates the eligibility procedures and terminology.
5000 Clinical Guidelines Updates the clinical guidelines to reword.
5100 General Consent Updates the general consent.
5200 Clinical Policy Updates the clinical policy.
6000 Reimbursement, Data Collection and Reporting Updates the reimbursement, data collection, and reporting.
6100 Reimbursement Updates the reimbursement.

22-3, Appendix II Revised

Revision 22-3; Effective April 14, 2022

The following change(s) were made:

Revised Title Change
Appendix II Optional Co-Pay Table Based on Monthly Federal Poverty Level (FPL) Updates the 2022 FPL co-pay amounts effective April 14, 2022.

22-2, Miscellaneous Changes

Revision 22-2; Effective April 8, 2022

The following change(s) were made:

Revised Title Change
1100 Contact Information Revises the Primary Health Care Services Program mailing address ZIP code.
2100 Program Authorization and Services Updates a link to Texas Administrative Code (TAC).
3330 Termination of Services Updates a TAC link.
Appendix II Optional Co-Pay Table Based on Monthly Federal Poverty Level (FPL) Updates the 2022 FPL co-pay amounts effective March 1, 2022.

22-1, Section 1100 Revised

Revision 22-1; Effective February 7, 2022

The following change(s) were made:

Revised Title Change
1100 Contact Information Updates the mailing address, physical address for courier service, Helpline extension, phone number, email and website for the Primary Health Care Services Program.

21-2, Section 5200 Revised

Revision 21-2; Effective September 15, 2021

The following change(s) were made:

Revised Title Change
Section 5200 Clinical Policy Adds pelvic examinations must be administered in compliance with Chapter 167A of the Health and Safety Code, updates links to the 2021 CDC Guidelines and 2021 Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report Sexually Transmitted Diseases Treatment Guidelines, deletes a reference to the Recommendations for Providing Quality Sexually Diseases Clinical Services, and adds prenatal and postpartum services must be provided based on ACOG or other nationally recognized, evidenced-based services and dental services must be provided based on ADA or other nationally recognized, evidence-based services.