6000, Program Promotion and Outreach

Revision 22-2; Effective April 1, 2022

Within 45 days from the start of each contract year, contractors must submit Form 1080, Health and Developmental Services (HDS) Promotion and Outreach Annual Plan. This plan should outline the contractor’s goals to: 

  • Inform the public of the purpose of the program and available services; 
  • Enhance community understanding of its objectives; 
  • Disseminate basic family planning and women’s health care knowledge; 
  • Enlist community support; and 
  • Recruit potential clients for FPP. 

The plan should be based on an assessment of the needs of the community and contain an evaluation strategy. Contractors should consider a variety of program promotion and client outreach strategies in accordance with organizational capacity, availability of existing resources and materials, and the needs and culture of the local community. 

To gauge the efficacy of program promotion and client outreach activities, contractors must monitor and evaluate the planned activities and implementation and record these evaluations on Form 1060, Health and Developmental Services (HDS) Promotion and Outreach Quarterly Report. This report is due quarterly, within 15 days from the close of each quarter. 

  • Quarter 1 Report Due December 15 
  • Quarter 2 Report Due March 15 
  • Quarter 3 Report Due June 15 
  • Quarter 4 Report Due September 15 

Both the plan and quarterly reports should be submitted to FamPlan@hhs.texas.gov.