Revision 21-1, Changes to Reconcile IHPONA and FEMA IAPPG V.1.1

Revision 21-1; Effective August 10, 2021


The following changes were made:

Section Title Change
10130 Duplication of Benefits Adds private insurance as a potential duplication of benefits for group flood insurance policies.
10210.3 SBA Considerations Removes moving and storage from duplicated categories, adds group flood insurance policy and clarifies language.
10210.8 ONA Specific Guidelines Changes washer and dryer from miscellaneous to personal property and makes additional clarifications.
10210.11 Personal Property Guidelines Makes a minor correction.
10210.12 Transportation Guidelines Removes migrant worker award and award for a vehicle not owned prior to the disaster, adds salvage title requirement for all vehicle replacement awards, adds language allowing for assistance if damage falls below the deductible and adds deductible costs are ineligible.
10210.16 Critical Needs Assistance (CNA) Adds the occupancy verification requirement and explains eligibility may be considered if issues impacting it are resolved in a certain time frame, and adds that it is always auto-determined by FEMA.
10210.16.1 Clean and Remove Assistance (CRA) Increases award amount from $500 to $550.

Revision 20-3

Revision 20-3; Effective November 20, 2020


The following changes were made:

Section Title Change
8110 General Information on IHP National Eligibility Criteria Adds moving and storage expenses to the list of assistance that victims are eligible for without first applying to the Small Business Administration (SBA).
10130 Duplication of Benefits Removes SBA – Personal property loan in the Duplication of Benefits table, ONA Category 6, Other Sources of Assistance.

Revision 20-2

Revision 20-2; Effective November 18, 2020


The following changes were made:

Section Title Change
2100 Definitions Adds a definition for Federal Award Coordinating Officer (FACO) and deletes the definition for Grant Coordinating Officer (GCO).
2200 Acronyms Adds FACO and deletes GCO.
3110 Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) Overview Replaces GCO with FACO.
4200 Emergency Services Program (ESP) Replaces GCO with FACO.
8110 General Information on IHP National Eligibility Criteria Adds child care expenses and miscellaneous expenses to the bullets under victims are eligible for assistance in the following areas without first applying to SBA.
8420 Transportation Updates the transportation maximum grant from $7,000 to $9,000.
8440 Funeral Updates the funeral maximum allowance from $6,500 to $9,000.
9220 ONA Loss Verification Updates the list of responsibilities.
10210.9 Medical and Dental Guidelines Replaces FEMA with Texas in the first sentence and removes information regarding mental health.
10210.11 Personal Property Guidelines Replaces FEMA with Texas in the first sentence.
10210.12 Transportation Guidelines Clarifies information in the first paragraph and removes information to receive assistance for a damaged vehicle that was gifted to a non-household member.
10210.13 Moving and Storage Guidelines Edits the first sentence and adds information under Eligible Expenses.
10210.14 Child Care Guidelines Changes “the state” to Texas.
10210.15 Miscellaneous Expenses Guidelines Changes FEMA to Texas in the first sentence and removes “if the generator was not verified during the inspection” in the bullet regarding a letter from a physician stating that a generator is medically required.
10210.16 Critical Needs Assistance (CNA) Changes FEMA to Texas in the first sentence and clarifies in the last bullet that applicants not approved for this type of assistance at the time of registration will not receive a denial letter and this decision cannot be appealed.
10210.16.1 Clean and Removal Assistance (CRA) Adds a section explaining CRA.
10210.17 Group Flood Insurance Policy Changes “the state” to Texas in the first sentence and clarifies the information under Specific Conditions for Eligibility.
11200 ONA Policy Interpretations Replaces GCO with FACO.
11510 Reconsideration Procedures Replaces GCO with FACO.
11700 Sampling Grant Decisions Replaces GCO with FACO.
11930 Recovery Procedures - Fraud Replaces GCO with FACO.
11940 Recovery Procedures – Other Than Fraud Replaces GCO with FACO.

Revision 20-1

Revision 20-1; Effective June 1, 2020


The following changes were made:

Section Title Change
10110 Serious Need and Necessary Expense Clarifies “serious need” and “necessary expense.”
10210.9 Medical and Dental Guidelines Updates financial assistance provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to individuals and households with medical or dental expenses caused by a disaster. Adds mental health services and ADA service animals also considered eligible expenses.
10210.10 Funeral Guidelines Changes the maximum allowance for funerals from $6,500 to $9,000 per death. Adds definitions for funeral assistance key terms. Clarifies conditions of eligibility and required documentation.
10210.11 Personal Property Guidelines Updates FEMA assistance and conditions applicants must meet for eligibility.
10210.11.1 Stored Personal Property Adds a new section for damaged personal property items in storage at the time of a disaster.
10210.12 Transportation Guidelines Updates transportation repair and transportation replacement that may be awarded, not to exceed $9,000 per vehicle. Adds considerations for second vehicles and gifted vehicles.
10210.13 Moving and Storage Guidelines Updates assistance for disaster-related moving and storage of essential personal property following a disaster event.
10210.14 Child Care Guidelines Clarifies the maximum amount of assistance for child care.
10210.15 Miscellaneous Expenses Guidelines Updates FEMA financial assistance for certain disaster-caused miscellaneous expenses.
10210.16 Critical Needs Assistance (CNA) Updates FEMA financial assistance to applicants who have immediate or critical needs because they are displaced from their primary dwelling.