1.9.2 Continuing Education Units

(Revised 12/0907/12)

Each certificate holder must earn a total of 10.0 CEUs (100 clock hours) during the five-year certification period in the amounts and topics as stipulated in the following to be eligible for recertification:

  • 6.0 CEUs (60 clock hours) in interpreting-related topics;
  • 2.0 CEUs (20 clock hours) in ethics-related topics; and
  • 2.0 CEUs (20 clock hours) in general studies.

See the Procedures for the Five-Year Renewal Cycle. See also Chapter 4: Court Interpreter Certification and Chapter 6: Trilingual Certification for court and trilingual CEU requirements.

A certificate holder using college coursework towards CEUs must submit an official college transcript to verify the required credit.

Ethics Classes and Workshops Not Approved by DARS DHHS

To receive CEU credit for classes and workshops that have not been approved by DARS DHHS, a certificate holder must provide the following:

  • a course description that provides sufficient information to determine material covered,
  • recertification paperwork, and
  • a letter from the teaching professor to verify the amount of time spent on the material by topic.