1.8.2 Multiple Certificates

(Revised 12/0904/11)

A person possessing more than one BEI certificate must comply with all annual certificate renewal, five-year recertification, and continuing education requirements. This means that

  • when a current BEI certificate holder is awarded an additional BEI certificate, the current and new certificates are assigned a single, new five-year certification cycle that begins on the award date of the newest BEI certificate(s);
  • the new five-year certification cycle and the annual renewal date each become due as of the award date of the newest BEI certificate;
  • continuing education units (CEUs) earned prior to the multiple certificate award date are void; and
  • the certificate holder has five years from the multiple certificate award date to earn all required CEUs.

The certificate holder must complete Form 3921, Multiple-Certificate Annual Renewal, or Form 3922, Multiple-Certificate Five-Year Recertification, and mail the form with a check, money order, or cashier’s check for the fee to DARS DHHS. See 1.10 Certificate Renewal and Recertification Fee Schedule for more information.