1.7.7 Notification of Test Results

(Revised 12/0904/1107/12)

DARS DHHS reports test results within 90 days after the test is administered. If additional delays occur, DARS DHHS staff notifies the applicant. Applicants who are awarded certification are

  • added to the database of certified interpreters;
  • notified of the results; and
  • mailed:
    • a certificate,
    • a wallet-sized card, and
    • information about applicable laws, rules, and policies that pertain to the requirements for annual certificate maintenance and five-year certificate renewal.

Unsuccessful applicants are notified of the results and must

  • wait to retake the test six months after the test was administered,
  • submit a new application and fee to retake the test, and
  • comply with all eligibility requirements.

The notification letter contains valuable feedback about test results and provides information for getting training before retaking the performance test. The applicant should use the BEI Study Guide to help understand the rating criteria.