1.6 Applying for the Test of English Proficiency (TEP)

(Revised 04/1107/12)

The applicant must

  • complete the Form 3908, Test of English Proficiency  form;
  • indicate the preferred testing location on the form. For help locating a site
  • attach the following items to the form:
    • a copy of a valid photo ID or driver’s license;
    • an official college transcript showing the completion of at least 30 credit hours; and
    • a check, money order, or cashier’s check payable to DARS DHHS for the designated fee; and
  • mail the form with the attachments to DARS DHHS at least 30 calendar days before scheduling a test date.

For more information, see 1.7.3 Testing Fees Schedule.

1.6.1 Scheduling the TEP

(Revised 04/11)

DARS DHHS contracts with a testing service to administer the TEP (Test of English Proficiency). After the application process is completed, a DARS DHHS staff member sends a list of eligible applicants to the testing service.

The testing service mails the TEP to the testing site and informs the applicant

  • where the TEP was mailed,
  • what required items to bring, and
  • of the deadline for taking the TEP.

Once the testing service mails the TEP to the requested testing site, the location and the application cannot be changed. After receiving notification that the TEP was mailed, the applicant must contact the testing site to schedule an appointment. Some sites have general testing hours throughout the week and do not require an appointment. Other testing sites require appointments to be made. Business hours may vary because of holiday closures, inclement weather, or other unforeseen events. If the applicant does not receive notification from the testing service that the test has been received within 10 business days of initial notification from DARS DHHS, he or she should contact the DARS DHHS office.

Applicants are advised that some testing sites charge proctoring fees. The applicant must pay any fees directly to the proctor at the testing site according to their established policy. When making individual test arrangements, the applicant is responsible for asking about any additional fees and confirming the current proctoring fee and acceptable form of payment.

For more information about test expectations, format, and sample questions, see the BEI Study Guide for General Interpreter Certification Candidates (in PDF), available online, or by request from the DARS DHHS office.

1.6.2 Forfeiture of Fees

Testing fees are forfeited if the TEP is not taken within 90 days of application, except when there is a valid reason for the delay. If an applicant must cancel a confirmed appointment, he or she must contact the DARS DHHS staff and the testing site immediately. An applicant may reschedule a test appointment without an additional fee at the approval of DARS DHHS and if he or she provides proof of one of the following:

  • illness of the applicant or an immediate family member,
  • death of an immediate family member,
  • inclement weather conditions, or
  • reasons beyond the applicant's control that made attendance impossible.

If an applicant cancels a testing appointment and provides proof of one of the above, the applicant must reschedule and take the test within 30 days of cancellation.

1.6.3 Notification of TEP Results

DARS DHHS reports test results within 30 days after the test is administered. If additional delays occur, the DARS DHHS staff notifies the applicant. Applicants receiving a passing score on the TEP may apply for a performance test.

Applicants who do not receive a passing score must

  • wait to retake the test six months after the test was administered,
  • submit a new application and fee to retake the test, and
  • comply with all eligibility requirements.