Instructions for Access to the Client Assignment and Registration (CARE) System

  1. Two forms are required for access to the CARE system. These forms are accessed at the following link: http://hhscx.hhsc.state.tx.us/eit/security/security_access_forms.htm
  2. Most HHSC staff will have completed and submitted Form HR0314, Health and Human Services Enterprise Computer Use Agreement. If the requesting user has not done so, Form HR0314 must be completed and submitted.
  3. For CARE access, complete Form IS030, Client Assignment and Registration (CARE) System.

Community Care staff completing the form:

CACTS ID: Leave blank

HHSC Employee ID: Enter employee identification number

Component Code: Enter 529 (HHSC Agency number)

Mainframe ID Number: Leave blank

Component Name: Enter HHSC

Department: Enter Access & Intake, Community Care Services

Access Method: Select Mainframe Access

Authorized Functions: Select "Add" for "CARE Access" and "Client Inquiry – STATEWIDE"

Page 1: The supervisor or person authorizing access prints and signs his/her name.

Page 1: The person requesting access prints his/her name and signs as the care coordinator.

Page 2: The Computer Security Agreement section must be completed by the person requesting access.

Submit the form to HHS Enterprise Security Management (ESM). There are instructions on the website for several methods for submitting the form under the heading, Delivering Your Completed Form(s) to ESM.

CARE Logon and Inquiry

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