Executive Teams & Organizational Chart

Executive Biographies

Executive Commissioner, Cecile Erwin Young

Chief of Staff, Kate Hendrix


Chief Public Affairs Officer, Hailey Kemp

Interim Director of Communications, Christine Mann
Director of Government and Stakeholder Relations, Amanda Martin
Ombudsman, Joel Schwartz


Commissioner, Department of State Health Services, Dr. John Hellerstedt


Chief Operating Officer, Maurice McCreary, Jr.

Deputy Executive Commissioner, Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, Ricardo Blanco
Deputy Executive Commissioner, System Support Services, Chris Adams
Deputy Executive Commissioner, Procurement and Contracting Services, Kay Molina


Chief Financial Officer, Trey Wood

Deputy CFO, Chris Matthews
Director, Accounting, Paula Reed
Director and Chief Actuary, Actuarial Analysis, Rachel Butler
Director, Budget Management, Justin Pickens
Director, Fiscal Program Coordination and Special Projects, April Ferrino
Director, Forecasting, Michael Ghasemi
Director, Payroll, Time, Labor & Leave, Mike Markl
Director, Provider Finance, Victoria Grady


Chief Policy and Regulatory Officer, Jordan Dixon

Deputy Executive Commissioner, Policy & Rules, Libby Camp Elliott
Deputy Executive Commissioner, Office of Transformation and Innovation, Misti Hair
Deputy Executive Commissioner, Office of Data, Analytics and Performance, Calvin Green
Deputy Executive Commissioner, Regulatory Services, Stephen Pahl
Deputy Executive Commissioner Compliance & Quality Control, Rob Ries


Chief Medicaid and CHIP Services Officer, Medicaid & CHIP Services, Stephanie Stephens

Deputy State Medicaid Director, Emily Zalkovsky
Chief Medical Director, Dr. Ryan D. Van Ramshorst
Deputy Executive Commissioner for Policy and Quality, Vacant
Deputy Executive Commissioner for Managed Care, Shannon Kelley
Interim Deputy Executive Commissioner for Operations, Medicaid and CHIP Services, Dana L. Collins


Chief Program & Services Officer, Michelle Alletto

Deputy Chief Program & Services Officer, Molly Lester
Deputy Executive Commissioner, Access and Eligibility Services, Wayne Salter
Deputy Executive Commissioner, Health, Developmental & Independence Services, Vacant
Deputy Executive Commissioner, Intellectual and Developmental Disability & Behavioral Health Services, Sonja Gaines
Deputy Executive Commissioner, Health and Specialty Care System, Scott Schalchlin


Chief Counsel, Karen Ray

Director, Appeals, Paul Leche
Director, Legal Services, Nycia Deal
Chief Privacy Officer and Director, Sarah Morrow
Chief Ethics Officer, David Reisman


Chief Audit Executive, Nicole Guerrero

Organizational Chart

Health and Human Services System Organizational Chart (PDF)

Health and Human Services System Functional Organizational Chart (PDF)