Psychiatric Executive Formulary Committee

The HHSC Psychiatric Executive Formulary Committee maintains and updates the Psychiatric Drug Formulary by:

  • Recommending standards of drug use that discourage unnecessary duplication of therapeutic alternatives and encourage the highest standards of medical and pharmacy practice.
  • Reviewing periodically the drugs listed in the formulary to ensure consistency with need, effectiveness, risk and cost.
  • Consulting with experts in clinical pharmacy, pharmacology and other medical specialties as needed to objectively assess drugs under consideration. 
  • Adding new drugs to the formulary.
  • Making other recommendations about drug use and policy as requested.
  • Designating the formulations allowed for general use by service system components and their contractors.


  • Committee chair: David Moron, M.D., Rio Grande State Center
  • Secretary: Kasey L. Pena, Pharm.D., State Hospitals
  • Yekini Adeyemi, R.N., Austin State Supported Living Center
  • Angela Babin, R.Ph., The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD
  • John Bennett, M.D., Dallas Metrocare Services
  • Giovanna Betancourt, Pharm.D., El Paso State Supported Living Center
  • Rakesh Chadalavada, M.D., Terrell State Hospital
  • German Corso, M.D., Tropical Texas Behavioral Health
  • Brad Fitzwater, M.D., HHSC Substance Use
  • Catherine S. Hall, Pharm.D., San Antonio State Hospital
  • Dana Hopkins, R.N, Austin State Hospital
  • Jeffery Matthews, M.D., State Hospitals
  • Leah Nunez, Pharm.D., Rio Grande State Center
  • Brittany Parmentier, Pharm.D., The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD
  • Kenda Pittman, Pharm.D., State Supported Living Centers
  • Sangeetha Rajan, M.D., Austin State Supported Living Center
  • Rishi Sawhney, M.D., BHS Community Behavioral Health
  • Lesia Trickett, M.D., State Supported Living Centers
  • Ashton Wickramasinghe, M.D., State Supported Living Centers
  • Patrick Young, M.D., Betty Hardwick Center

For More Information

Contact the HHSC Psychiatric Formulary Committee.