Chronic Kidney Disease Task Force

The Chronic Kidney Disease Task Force was reestablished in 2019 by House Bill 1225 (also known as the Glenda Dawson Act), 86th Legislature, Regular Session. The Task Force is composed of 24 members, 20 appointed by the Governor, two members of the senate appointed by the lieutenant governor, and two members of the house of representatives appointed by the speaker of the house of representatives.

The Task Force assembles leading Texas nephrologists, nurses, dietitians, educators, and other CKD experts to review the minimum practice standards data from state agency programs, health systems, and special studies that can be used to assess the effectiveness of CKD support in Texas.

Texas Health and Safety Code, Section 83.003, requires the Task Force to provide to the Governor and state leadership recommendations on developing and implementing a cost-effective state plan for prevention, early screening, diagnosis, and management of chronic kidney disease for the state's population through national, state, and local partners; and educate health care professionals on the use of clinical practice guidelines for screening, detecting, diagnosing, treating, and managing chronic kidney disease, its comorbidities, and its complications.

Task Force meetings serve as opportunities to review and discuss topics, which assist in the identification of priorities centered on the following themes:

  • Education to the public regarding kidney disease and with an emphasis on preventing the onset of kidney disease.
  • Early screening and diagnosis of kidney disease aimed at mitigating progression of disease including the management of co-morbidities such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity as well as other risk factors.
  • Optimizing treatments of Stages 1-4 of kidney disease including peritoneal and hemodialysis.
  • Increasing donation through education of the public on both Living Donor and Deceased Donation.
  • Legislation in support of the CKD community including those patients at risk of developing renal disease in the future or those living with renal disease now.

The CKD Task Force will provide recommendations based on reviews and discussions of CKD prevention and self-management, cost-savings studies, and evidence-based research studies. Task Force members’ professional experiences span decades and includes expertise in the treatment of CKD, education and training, nutrition education, and public health policy.


  • Ms. Mary E. Albin, End Stage Renal Expert, Dallas
  • Mr. Dany J. Anchia, Nephrologist Nurse, Dallas
  • Ms. Benedicta Anikputa, representative from the commission's Kidney Health Care program, Austin
  • Corey Ball, M.D., Nephrologist State Medical, Tyler
  • Francisco G. Cigarroa M.D., Kidney Transplant Surgeon, San Antonio
  • Ms. Amie B.E. Duemer, South Plains Kidney Foundation, Lubbock
  • Ahmed O. "Osama" Gaber M.D., Kidney Transplant Surgeon, Houston
  • Lisa Glenn, MD, representative of the commission whose duties involve the state Medicaid program, Austin
  • John R. Guerra, D.O. , Primary Care Physician, McAllen
  • Rep. Ryan Guillen, House of Representatives, Rio Grande City
  • Ms. Anne K. Ishmael, Renal Dietitian, Houston
  • Ms. Nichole Jefferson, National Kidney Foundation, Dallas
  • Ms. Tiffany N. Jones-Smith, Texas Kidney Foundation, San Antonio
  • Ms. Rita L. Littlefield, Texas Renal Coalition, Austin
  • Mohammad R. "Hamed" Mizani M.D., Nephrologist Private Practice, Houston
  • Kumar Sharma M.D., Pathologist, San Antonio
  • Shweta S. Shah, M.D., Private Renal Care Provider, Houston
  • Leslie A. Weisberg M.D., Preferred Provider or HMO, Plano
  • Francis H. Wright Jr., M.D., CHAIR, Health Care System Rep, Midland
  • Vacant – Family Physician
  • Vacant – Clinical Laboratories
  • Vacant – Member of the Senate
  • Vacant – Member of the Senate
  • Vacant – Member of the House of Representatives

Meeting Dates

  • Friday, April 5
  • Friday, June 14
  • Friday, September 20
  • Thursday, December 5

For More Information

Alex Stivers, HHSC Chronic Kidney Disease Task Force Liaison, email HHSC CKD Task Force