Recognizing Innovators in Aging: Nominate for 2023

Consider nominating an innovative person, program, organization, community or technology making a positive impact for older adults in Texas.

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The Innovators in Aging Awards

The 2020 Profile of Older Americans reports that in 2019, 3.7 million Texans were 65 years of age or older. The Texas Demographic Center estimates that by 2050, this population will grow to 9.4 million. Developing programs, resources and services for this growing demographic is necessary to ensure Texas communities have the capacity to serve older adults. The development of such programs, resources and services takes vision, creativity and innovation.

The Innovators in Aging Awards provide state-level recognition for innovations that specifically serve the older adult population. HHSC hopes that highlighting these innovators will foster inspiration for developing new and creative ways to serve older adults.

Innovators in Aging award nominees must serve older adults in Texas. Examples of innovations could include:

  • The development of partnerships to improve services to older adults,
  • Research on new methodologies to treat chronic conditions,
  • Community efforts to combat the stigma of aging; and
  • Programs designed to engage older adults.

The Innovators in Aging award categories align with the three focus areas of the statewide Age Well Live Well campaign: Be Healthy, Be Connected and Be Informed.

Recognition examples of innovations are broad ranged under these three nomination categories. Innovation for consideration under these three nomination categories are wide-ranging. Be inspired to nominate with these examples’ of 2022 winners. Review the link to award winners for more examples from years past.

View previous Innovators in Aging by year (PDF).

Be Healthy

Be Healthy highlights innovative efforts of a person, program, organization, community or technology that creates opportunities for improved physical and mental health for older adults.

2022 Winners included:

  • innovative technology platform design for family members and friends to connect with key professionals managing the care and safety of their older loved one, and a
  • new product development transforming incontinence care and the prevention of urinary tract infections, pressure ulcers and pain for older adults.

Be Connected

Be Connected highlights innovative efforts of a person, program, organization, community or technology that creates ways for older adults to initiate and maintain community engagement.

2022 Winners included:

  • patent-pending website design to secure personal histories, stories and memories in partnership with veterans’ groups, memory care centers and nonprofits serving older adults, and a
  • virtual collective laboratory partnering with the expertise of researchers, government agencies, educational institutions, businesses, older adults and caregivers, gerontologists, healthcare organizations, and financial institutions to improve the quality of products and services for older adults.

Be Informed

Be Informed highlights innovative efforts of a person, program, organization, community or technology that creates opportunities for older adults to learn about the services and resources available in their community.

2022 Winners included:

  • the Executive Director of a volunteer-operated nonprofit helping to educate the public about end-of-life planning, decision-making, and related issues; and
  • a state partnership improving the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, caregivers, partners and community providers in Texas through regional coordination of information, resources and events. 

Important: Nominations for HHS employees and their work must relate to work done outside the scope of their position as an HHS employee.

Nominations are open from June 15, 2023 through November 17, 2023.

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