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Through valuable partner support, the Texas Health and Human Services Aging Services Coordination office is able to implement innovative program ideas and provide educational outreach and program materials that improve the quality of life for the people we serve.

A few examples of our partners' support include:

  • Sponsoring events that showcase the talents of older people
  • Making Texercise program handbooks available to help educate older Texans about healthy habits
  • Helping communities improve the lives of their residents through Age Well Live Well communities
  • Promoting resources and programs through print publications and website exposure

Partnerships can be developed around specific, short-term projects or through long-term commitments and collaborations. Many partnerships start small and grow with each new opportunity.

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If you are interested in partnering with HHS, contact:

HHS Aging Services Coordination Unit
Phone: 1-800-889-8595

HHSC and the ASC do not endorse or guarantee any product or services provided by companies who partner with ASC. ASC assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of claims made on its behalf by partners, and offers no exclusivity to partner organizations. ASC does not have involvement or influence in the authority to contract, ability to offer quid pro quo or control vendor selection, or to obligate HHSC to expend funds.

HHS ASC employees are subject to all relevant ethics laws and the HHS Ethics Policy.