Legislative Appropriations Request: Fiscal Years 2014-2015

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Volume I

Download a full version of Volume I (PDF)

Table of Contents

1.A Administrator's Statement

1.B Organizational Chart

1.C Certification of Dual Submission

2. Summary of Request

2.A Summary of Base Request by Strategy

2.B Summary of Base Request by Method of Finance

2.C Summary of Request by Object of Expense

2.D Summary of Base Request Objective Outcomes

2.E Summary of Exceptional Items Request

2.F Summary of Total Request by Strategy

2.G Summary of Total Request Objective Outcomes

3.A Base Strategy Requests

3.B Rider Revisions and Additions Request

3.D Sub-Strategy Summary and Request

Volume II

Download the full version of Volume II (PDF)

Table of Contents

4.A Request For Exceptional Items

4.B Exceptional Item Strategy Allocation Schedule

4.C Exceptional Item Strategy Request

5. Capital Budget

5.A Capital Budget Project Schedule (Base)

5.B Capital Budget Project Information

5.C Capital Budget Allocation to Strategies (Base)

5.E Capital Budget Project-OOE and MOF Detail by Strategy

Capital Budget Project Schedule (Exceptional)

Capital Budget Allocation to Strategies by Project (Exceptional)

6. Supporting Schedules

6.A Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Supporting Schedule

6.B Current Biennium One-Time Expenditure Schedule

6.C Federal Funds Supporting Schedule

6.D Federal Funds Tracking Schedule

6.E Estimated Revenue Collections Supporting Schedule

6.F Advisory Committees Supporting Schedule

6.G Homeland Security Funding Schedule

6.H Estimated Total of All Funds Outside the GAA

6.I 10 Percent Biennial Base Reduction Options Schedule

6.J Budgetary Impacts Related to Federal Health Care Reform Schedule

6.J Summary of Budgetary Impacts Related to Federal Health Care Reform Schedule

7. Administrative and Support Costs

7.A Indirect Administrative and Support Costs