Child Care Licensing Statistics

These are statistical tables on Child Care Licensing (Residential Child Care and Day Care).

Chapter 42 of the Texas Human Resources Code directs HHSC to establish statewide minimum standards and regulate child care facilities for the purpose of protecting the health, safety, and well-being of children in out-of-home care.

Data Received by Texas Health and Human Services was prepared by Regulatory Services Data and Analytics at HHSC.

For questions about these tables and processing of these reports, email HHSC Regulatory Data and Analytics. For additional data and information requests, email HHSC Open Records. Complete data sets can be downloaded at the Texas Open Data Portal. Data for abuse and neglect allegations in CCL operations can be found in the DFPS Data Book.

If you use assistive technology, such as a screen reader, but are unable to read the information in these reports, please email to request an alternate format.

Data Book Child Day Care Licensing

Data Book Residential Child Care Licensing

Serious Injuries Report

Child Safety Data for Licensed Day-Care Centers

Human Resource Code Section 42.0412 requires Child Care Licensing to annually report aggregated data regarding child safety.

Child Care Licensing investigates reports and complaints of possible violations of minimum standards, rule or law in effort to reduce risk to children and prevent further harm.

Child Care Licensing Non-Abuse/Neglect Investigations Information by Age Group FY20 (PDF)
Child Care Licensing Non-Abuse/Neglect Investigations Information by Age Group FY19 (PDF)

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services investigates reports of alleged abuse, neglect or exploitation of children who are in care of a child care operation. 

Child Care Investigations Abuse/Neglect Investigations Information by Age Group FY20 (PDF)
Child Care Investigation Abuse/Neglect Investigations Information by Age Group FY19 (PDF)

Day-Care Operation Monthly Status Changes

The Day-Care Operations Weekly Status Changes report displays a list of weekly changes to day-care operations’ permits and operating status within the calendar month on each Saturday.

The Day-Care Operations Monthly Status Changes report is a monthly aggregate count of day-care applications accepted, day-care permits issued and changes to operating status, including permanently closed day-care operations, displayed by region.

Operating status is marked as “Y” if the provider is caring for children and “N” if the provider is not caring for children.