S.B. 1220 Medicaid & CHIP Border Rates & Expenditures Advisory Committee

The Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Border Rates and Expenditures Advisory Committee advises HHSC on regarding eliminating the disparities between the Texas-Mexico border region and other areas of the state in:

  • Medicaid and CHIP capitation rates for services provided to individuals under age 19.
  • Medicaid and CHIP fee-for-service per capita expenditures for inpatient and outpatient hospital services provided to individuals under age 19.
  • Total professional services expenditures per Medicaid and CHIP enrollee under age 19.

Committee Requirements

The committee must periodically analyze and compare the rates and expenditures in the Texas-Mexico border region and in other areas of the state and produce a report of its findings. The report must include recommendations to HHSC for addressing the problems created by disparities documented in the report, including recommendations for allocation of funds.


  • Irene Armendariz, health plan representative, El Paso
  • Dr. Nanni Baker, dentist, El Paso
  • Gilbert A. Handal, pediatrician, El Paso — BRAEAC Chair 
  • Timothy McVey, hospital representative, Mission — Vice Chair
  • Lorenzo Olivarez, hospital representative, Edinburg
  • T. Herbert Shriver, psychologist, Del Rio
  • Jaime Solis, pharmacist, McAllen
  • Marcella Van Hoove, hospital representative, El Paso
  • David Palmer, HHSC
  • Israel Rocha, hospital representative, Edinburg