April 29, 2021

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission adopted rules relating to liability insurance, safe sleeping, and reporting requirements related to certain incidents and deficiencies. The rules are effective April 25, 2021.

The adopted rules are in:

  • Chapter 744, Minimum Standards for School-Age and Before or After-School Programs
  • Chapter 746, Minimum Standards for Child-Care Centers
  • Chapter 747, Minimum Standards for Child-Care Homes
  • Chapter 748, Minimum Standards for General Residential Operations
  • Chapter 749, Minimum Standards for Child-Placing Agencies

Child Care Regulation will provide technical assistance from April 25 through Oct. 25, 2021. This is the first six months the rules are in effect.

Review the updated guidance related to liability insurance requirements (PDF) on the Minimum Standards webpage. Review the adopted rules, highlighted versions of the adopted rules, and revision memos that outline the changes on the Minimum Standards webpage. CCR is updating Chapters 744, 746, 747, 748 and 749 minimum standards publications. You will be notified when updates are complete.