End of Continuous Medicaid Coverage

Find out what action you need to take due to the end of continuous Medicaid coverage.

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HHSC Urges All Medicaid Recipients to Update their Contact Information as Continuous Medicaid Coverage Requirement Ends

As the federal government ends the continuous Medicaid coverage requirement on March 31, HHSC is notifying Medicaid recipients that they will need to have their eligibility redetermined.

HHSC Increases Starting Pay for Jobs at State Hospitals and State Supported Living Centers

HHSC announced it is increasing salaries and starting pay at state hospitals and state supported living centers to help with crucial staffing needs, maintain competitive wages, and bring hospital beds back online.

Register for March Virtual Conference on Preventing Disabilities in Children

Each Tuesday in March, HHS will offer a series of free webinars to highlight key topics on preventing intellectual and developmental disabilities in children.